Vini d’Italia/ Gambero Rosso 2018 – … Franco and Ambra are confirmed among the most careful and passionate performers of the designation. 2 red glasses for Lugana Riserva del Lupo ’15


Slow Wine 2018 – … Ambra and Franco are holders of one of the most representative farms of the region, capable of creating, ever since the 1990s, the “Lugana” phenomenon … adherence to the territory, cleanliness and pleasantness: that’s Franco’s annually repeated mantra of the wine tasting


Vini d’Italia, I vini da comprare 2018/ Gambero Rosso – Lugana Riserva del Lupo 2014


Vitae 2018/AIS Lombardia – … Tiraboschi family bravely keeps using a personal interpretative key to enhance the potential of longevity of its wines… the result of this work can be appreciated in the wonderful Lugana Annata Storica 1999, surprising in terms of  youth and liveliness


3 shoots for Lugana Riserva del Lupo 2014, 3 shoots for Lugana Superiore2014 and 3 shoots for Lugana Annata Storica 1999


Vini Buoni d’Italia 2018/ Touring Club – 4 stars for Lugana Riserva Doc del Lupo 2014, 3 stars Lugana Doc 2016, 3 stars for Lugana Superiore Doc 2014


Guida Espresso 2018 – award to Lugana Riserva del Lupo 2011 for best wine to taste again


Vinetia 2018 – 4 rosettes/symbols for Lugana Annata Storica 1999, 4 rosettes for Lugana Riserva del Lupo 2014


I vini di Veronelli 2018 – 2 red stars for Lugana 2015, 2 red stars for Lugana Riserva del Lupo


BereBene, Gambero Rosso 2018 –award for excellent price-quality ratio to Lugana Doc 2016


Brianne Cohen (blogger California) – Lugana Superiore 2014… I love this full-bodied wine with great acidity


The Consumer feedback 16/03/17 (Gabriele) – Lugana Superiore 2011… sweet spices, citrus fruit, hydrocarbon, chamomile, quince, gypsum, brioches, an evolved Champagne nose!!! Pretty good, Bravo!


The Consumer feedback 25/05/17 (Marzia) –Lugana Superiore 2002… one of my favourite wines. A triumph! I think this is a great little wine, moving as an unexpected gift. This wine surprises me as a whole. The wine grape variety of origin, the location of vineyards, the unfortunate vintage, even the interpretation