together we open the doors of Ca’ Lojera …

Ca’ Lojera and Lugana “the Grand of the big lake”

It is told, that once upon a time when the Garda Lake and the smaller Frassine Lake where connected by chanels, black merchants arrived on their boats from the north and used the houses along the water for hiding their smuggled merchandise, and some people swear that wolves did protect those hideaways.
Ca’ Loiera estate of the Tiraboschi family, is therefore called wolves house.

Only grapes from the 18 ha vineyards belonging to this estate are used in the production. White Lugana grapes grow on flat, argillaceous ground and on the hills Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Approximately 140.000 bottles of wine are produced every year, and sold on the national market through wine-bars, restaurants and special wine stores  and a good quantity is exported.

Franco and Ambra Tiraboschi were sometimes called a cuvée of courage and madness, but their Lugana, one of the most regular of the denomination, have their feet firmly on the ground: their more readable quality is the reality.

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